Archived Projects

Canton [Project Implementation]
The mayor and director of economic development fro the City of Canton engaged the Coalition to recommend steps the city might take to stimulate private sector interest in Canton’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) plan. As a result, Canton made it a priority to assemble land for future redevelopment, with key stakeholders expressing support for LCI program. March 2006 – December 2006
East Point [Project Implementation]
The Coalition mobilized 11 member volunteers to assist the City of East Point with implementation of its 2005 Livable Centers Initiative plan. Members helped address the redevelopment potential of the MARTA station area; assess needs of the Main Street Program; assess municipal permitting for overall effectiveness; assess zoning for consistency with smart growth principles; assess development incentives; verify that comprehensive plan policies reflect smart growth principles; and provide education about and promotion of smart growth through a unique Decatur-East Point peer-to-peer event. April 2006 – September 2006
Newnan [Project Implementation]
The Coalition convened a team of member experts to provide feedback on the draft plan for redevelopment of downtown Newnan and make recommendations regarding specific steps needed to achieve appropriate higher density and mixed-use development that would complement current land use and layout. The Coalition also arranged a tour of metro region downtown redevelopment projects in the metro region for members for members of Newnan’s Downtown Development Authority. The redevelopment plan for Newnan Central Park was later approved. March 2007 – July 2007
Piedmont Heights [Project Implementation]
Piedmont Heights
The Coalition provided services to a neighborhood organization preparing for growth and change in advance of potential shopping center and BeltLine redevelopment. Services provided to the Piedmont Heights Civic Association included a smart growth-oriented leadership workshop that featured a moderated panel session, question and answer session, and a facilitated goal setting session. The Coalition helped the association create a prioritized work plan and provided research to be used by the association. March 2006
Riverdale [Project Implementation]
The City of Riverdale wanted to ensure that implementation of its Livable Centers Initiative plan continued uninterrupted and that city leadership would be well prepared to promote and administer a tax allocation district (TAD). Coalition staff led a retreat for Riverdale’s local elected officials and planning staff on implementation. With approval of its TAD, Riverdale is moving forward with plans to break ground on a new town center in early 2009. March 2007