What We Are Working On

The Livable Communities Coalition works to implement quality growth projects in Atlanta communities by identifying opportunities to work in communities where quality growth development is desired, but is not occurring for a number of reasons.We develop a scope of work with our client?s participation, and put together teams of experts to work on each project task.The work is accomplished by staff and volunteers, and, to a limited extent, paid consultants.We do not charge for our services, and we work as an independent resource to the community in which we are engaged.

The Coalition promotes quality growth in three main ways:

  1. Implementing quality growth plans in communities around the metro area,
  2. Promote public policy thatsupports quality growth
  3. Educating and communicating the benefits of quality growth to citizens, officials, and development professionals.

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Current Projects

Project Implementation

The Coalition developed an educational presentation to explore the topic of transit supportive density for Atlanta Beltline, Inc. The event drew 100 people and the facilitated sessions that followed the presentation provided valuable information about how the community perceives density along the Beltline.Follow-up presentations are scheduled. April 2008
A northwest metro community along I-75, the City of Emerson has a great deal of undeveloped land, making it a possible model for greenfield growth along major routes. In fall 2008, the Coalition will present a program designed to get vision planning started. The program will involve the following four steps:1) Describe the community now, 2) Explain how it is likely to grow, 3) Explain how it might grow with a smart growth approach,and 4) Develop potential preferred options. June 2008 ? Present.
Emory University
Mixed-use developments vary in their incorporation of smart growth and new urbanist design principles and so do an uneven job of promoting better health and quality of life.That?s one conclusion from research conducted by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University with assistance from the Coalition. May 2008
Emory University
The Coalition interviewed stakeholders and produced a report used to revise and refine the work plan for the Clifton (Road) Community Partnership. Emory University formed the partnership to help nearby commercial property owners understand the need for affordable housing for Emory?s employees and other smart growth opportunities. The partnership hopes to open the door to increased residential density and a mix of uses near the Emory campus. March-May 2007