What Others Say About Us

Created in 2005 to promote smart growth and provide hands-on assistance to communities on smart growth projects, the Livable Communities Coalition has already helped more than two dozen communities address smart growth needs and challenges. Assessments of the Coalition’s work have emphasized its need. Below are some testimonials from some of communities and cities we worked with:

“The Livable Communities Coalition gave an excellent workshop on working with developers to one of my neighborhoods.  I was not planning to stay for the whole program and neither was our Commissioner of Planning...but we both did.”
Anne Fauver, Atlanta City Council, October 2006
"We are extremely appreciative of the help provided by the Livable Communities Coalition to the new City of Sandy Springs. We are a community that has had a long history of planning efforts, conducted by various volunteers or non-profits in the absence of a city government. So we needed an outside expert to look over what we had done ?an overall plan, an overlay ordinance, a transportation grid study and an economic analysis of the CBD. Your coalition was very helpful in doing this. Your experts went over all these prior efforts, validated some of it, and showed us where we might improve. Your advice and counsel will help us to focus our efforts as we guide the redevelopment of our Roswell Road corridor."
Eva Galambos, Mayor of Sandy Springs, August 2006
"The City of Canton greatly appreciates the assistance provided by the Livable Communities Coalition. The additional guidance and resources have given our Livable Centers Initiative new life and new direction. The coalition's ability to look at where we are and to assess our efforts objectively has been a great help. Specific locations have been identified for redevelopment and collaborative efforts with both property owners and developers are underway to bring projects to fruition. The professional assistance and advice of the Livable Communities Coalition have been invaluable. Thank you for your organization and your commitment to improving our region."
Cecil Pruett, Mayor of Canton, September 2006