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Jul.01, 2009

- Transportation "all hosed up"; Coalition looks for loose ends to pull

- Elke Davidson set to become new Policy Subcommittee chair

- Help copies of new density one-pager escape from shelf
- Talks touch on how to get more transit-oriented development in the region
Jul.02, 2008
We can't change metro Atlanta's traffic congestion overnight. That's the bad news. But we can change it. The key is tying land use to transportation, and vice versa.
Jun.24, 2008
We've spent the past 40 years building suburbs that are beginning to look unsustainable at $4 a gallon. How can we make sure that we now build an Atlanta —- and a metro Atlanta region —- that is increasingly sustainable?
Mar.18, 2008
Any development can claim it's an example of quality growth. But how do you determine if that project really measures up?
The coalition created a quality-growth test that poses 50 questions covering a variety of issues, including housing diversity, compactness, community needs and connectivity.
Sep.20, 2007
Hard experience has shown that only by actively engaging citizens and providing them a forum to discuss development can they shape growth, molding developers' plans so that they respond to needs and wishes of area residents.
Apr.05, 2007
When it comes to growth in our com munities, it often seems that there are two big, loud constituencies - the nogrowth crowd and the growth-anywhere crowd. As anyone who's been caught between the two at a zoning hearing can tell you, it's no fun being in the middle.
In an increasing number of Georgia communities big and small, however, there's a growing realization that there's a third, wise choice between no growth and any growth.
Mar.16, 2006

Many Americans choose a longer commute for the big house and big yard, but many are not so much marching away from costly and congested areas as being driven by the lack of diverse and affordable housing choices near our nation's job centers.