Press Releases

Aug.18, 2009
Ray Christman has been named executive director of the Livable Communities Coalition effective August 31.
May.11, 2009
Road map for transformational change will enhance Metro Atlanta, Georgia's future
Apr.16, 2009
The Livable Communities Coalition convened eight local experts to discuss how smart growth efforts might fare in the aftermath of the economic downturn, and what local governments can do to prepare for the next building cycle.
Oct.23, 2008

Amendment 2 on the Nov. 4 ballot restores to school districts the right to participate in tax allocation districts.

Sep.11, 2008

Nation?s capital has built 20 walkable urban centers with 10 more taking shape

ATLANTA ? Metro Atlanta should look to Washington, D.C. if it wants to see the future of urban growth, a nationally renowned expert in the field told Atlanta builders, planners and smart growth proponents today.

Mar.18, 2008
The Livable Communities Coalition, metro Atlanta?s smart growth catalyst, has begun scoring development projects on smart growth criteria and has recommended approval of its first project, a mixed-use development in Cobb County.
Oct.01, 2007
New study - Survey and Analysis of Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) in Georgia: A Look at the First Eight Years, shows property values inside TADs climbing by an average of more than 14 percent per year compounded. In at least seven cases, compounded annual growth rates easily exceeded 14 percent, ranging as high as seven times that amount in areas that have been redeveloped.
Sep.20, 2007
Meeting the growing demand for conveniently located homes in walkable neighborhoods could significantly reduce the growth in the number of miles metro Atlantans drive, helping combat global warming while also building stronger communities, according to a team of urban planning researchers.
Jan.12, 2007
A new survey released that shows that a "substantial minority" of Atlanta residents have strong preferences for features of walkable neighborhoods, even if they had to make some lifestyle trade-offs like a smaller house or yard.
May.25, 2006

The Livable Communities Coalition (the Coalition) has initiated its first four projects in Metro Atlanta after signing agreements with four local governments to provide expert assistance and resources to implement quality growth projects. The Coalition has teamed up with DeKalb County, Sandy Springs, East Point and Canton to help develop solutions to encourage and enable quality growth.

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