Smart Growth Scorecard

For many years, Metro Atlanta?s rapid growth ensured a steady supply of proposed new developments. Now that the economy has slowed that growth, it is more important than ever that developments that do go forward are designed for long-term sucess and sustainability, which means incorporating smart growth principles. But how can metro communities know which new developments represent smart growth and which are just business as usual?

The Livable Communities Coalition has devised a scoring system ? the Smart Growth Scorecard ? for rating developments on smart growth principles. The scorecard ranks proposed development projects on up to 50 criteria in eight categories, including location and availability of basic services, density, diversity of land uses and housing, accessibility, pedestrian safety and streetscapes, environmental protection, and community needs.

Projects are reviewed quarterly by an independent jury of volunteer experts. Only those projects earning an overall average of 2.0 (very good) or higher qualify for Coalition support as a smart growth project. Projects may be submitted for review by either local governments or developers. In the past, a favorable smart growth scorecard score has helped projects move alongsmoothly through typical review and appeals procedures. A $2,500 application fee offsets administrative costs.

Download applications now, or contact us for more information on the Smart Growth Scorecard.

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Smart Growth Scorecard